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"Explain 3 Ways"

As providers, explaining in ways our patients understand is one of our most important jobs. When I shadow providers, I tell them to make sure they explain 3 ways. I encourage them to say it, show it, and write it down.

Say it
As providers, this is what we're used to doing. We give instructions to our patients with the hope that they understand and comply with our recommendations.

Show it
A lot of patients are visual learners, so taking the time to show them a visual as you explain tremendously improves their understanding. You can use a poster, 3D model, picture from the internet, etc.

Write it down
If you give your patients written information to take home with them, they will be much more likely to remember and comply with your instructions. This can be something you write out for them, a handout, pamphlet, etc.


Example: prep instructions for a colonoscopy

Say it: "Mr. Allen, in preparation for your colonoscopy, you're only allowed to have clear liquids for the entire day before your colonoscopy. You cannot have any solid food."

Show it: "Mr. Allen, here is a picture that shows what things qualify as clear liquids."

·  Example of clear liquids. Picture taken from


Write it down: "Mr. Allen, here is a handout for you to take with you that shows exactly what qualifies as a clear liquid." 

·  Example of written instructions as taken from



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04/28/2016 2:35am

Working with patience and people overall is a lot more difficult then many people think. This guide is pure gold fro those who have communication problems.

07/05/2016 3:22am

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You should keep dialogue with your patients this is how you can gain their trust.

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